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Ginipic is a handy program designed to search the Internet for images using multiple sources.
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Ginipic is a handy program designed to search the Internet for images using multiple sources. Now you can search image search engines, photo sharing websites or your own local picture collections simultaneously.

Find what you're looking for and use it instantly in your own creation - document, presentation, art work - you name it. Work alongside other applications with Ginipic in Dock mode.

Here are some key features of "Ginipic":

Search multiple sources:

  • If you can't find it on Google, search Yahoo. If you can't find it on Yahoo, search Flickr. Still can't find it? Heck - Try them all at once! Endless results in one beautiful simple interface. No more wasting hours on searching, just spend a minute in ginipic and start finding.
Preview in detail with one click:
  • Thumbnails are nice, but who can figure out if it's any good? Just click on thumbnail and see the result in a big usable preview window. Like it? Just Drag & Drop it!
Start using the picture instantly:
  • Drag & Drop, Save to disk, Print, Post to blog, Set as wallpaper, Open in your favorite viewer/editor - did we forget something? Probably not.
Hundreds of results on a single page:
  • Tired of seeing only 21 results per page? so are we. Now you can view hunderds of results in a single page and find that desired image!
Tag your favorite pictures:
  • Found a picture you'd like to save for later? Just tag it! Using our OH SO SIMPLE tagging system, you can tag anything you see on the web and your favorite local pictures and access it whenever you want.

Ocjena aplikacije: 9 / 10 poena ( Ukupno: 14 ocjena )

Podržani jezici: Engleski, Hrvatski, Njemački
Podržani Operativni Sustavi: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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