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With Nero Video 11 your videos will become extraordinary movies with easy-to-advanced video editing features, drag-and-drop Picture-in-Picture effect templates, multi-track editing and customizable overlays and effects with full keyframe control.
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Your videos will become extraordinary movies with easy-to-advanced video editing features, drag-and-drop Picture-in-Picture effect templates, multi-track editing and customizable overlays and effects with full keyframe control.

Import video from digital stills, camera, Smartphones and camcorder to playback or edit on your PC.

Manage | Play
Everything you ever wanted to do with your media, from organizing to playback, to doing more with apps, is possible from one place.

Movies and photo slideshows will look their best with tools to help you edit and create show-stopping projects with ease.

Fully control authoring design and layout, enhanced navigation links, add additional graphic objects, texts, and more.

Creative Content
Add professional touches to your videos with hundreds of premium video and audio effects, templates, themes and clipart.

Get Nero Video 11 and try to for yourself to see just how useful it can be for recording and burning video discs!

Here are some key features of "Nero Video 11":

Import Windows Live Movie Maker projects:

  • Elevate your movie projects - Import and open Windows Live Movie Maker projects directly within Nero 11. Advanced technology lets you import the Windows Live Movie Maker files, then immediately begin enhancing the projects for a seamless editing experience. Use Nero's Advanced Editing features to give your videos even more professional touch with keyframe control.
Integrated Nero MediaBrowser:
  • One-stop access from Media Library to your project - The all-new Nero MediaBrowser gives you a jump start on projects. From any project you can access your library of music, photos and videos with just one click. Drag-and-drop photos, videos or music files from Nero Kwik Media library into your project for a seamless editing experience.
Express Video Editing:
  • Slideshow perfection in minutes - Take your creativity to new heights with Express Storyboard Editing tools that result in amazing movies and slideshows in just minutes. Express video editing lets you easily trim, arrange and apply versatile effects such as Picture in Picture and overlay titles. Plus you can simply toggle to the Advanced Editing mode for full keyframe control with unlimited multi-track editing.
Express Audio and Video Effect control:
  • Cinema quality effects at your fingertips - Ordinary videos become extraordinary movies with tools that produce truly cinematic results. Drag-and-drop amazing videos effects, and customize it all with full keyframe control. Give your slideshows and videos the additional magic touch with premium creative audio and video effects that will transform your videos into theater-ready masterpieces in no time.
Picture-in-Picture Effect Generator:
  • Add pro touches with overlays and titles - Create professional-quality videos quickly with easy drag-and-drop Picture-in-Picture templates using the Picture-in-Picture Effect Generator. The convenient tool lets you edit amazing video effects into your projects and customize your overlays and effects within the multi-track timeline for full keyframe control.
Advanced multi-track editing:
  • Advanced Editing Mode for full control - Use the Advanced Editing mode to fine-tune projects using the unlimited multi-track timeline with full, versatile keyframe control. Apply unlimited overlays to the timeline using the drag-and-drop function, rearrange video and audio effects that add a cinema-style polished touch to your home videos.
GPGPU Hardware Acceleration:
  • Powerful publishing for your creations - For even more speed and optimization, there’s full support for all types of hardware-accelerated GPGPU graphics cards that make publishing your videos faster than ever. AVC encoding support for any graphics card vendor that supports these features: NVIDIA CUDA, AMD App Acceleration, Intel Media SDK.
Flexible SmartEncoding:
  • Speed up your High Definition output - Save tons of time when you output projects to file or disc with the help of Automatic SmartEncoding, now even available in flexible mode for tackling device file formats that are not so standard. Export your video to multiple format options; to video file, web, audio file, tape, disc, flash memory, and devices.

Ocjena aplikacije: 9 / 10 poena ( Ukupno: 17 ocjena )

Podržani jezici: Engleski, Hrvatski, Njemački
Podržani Operativni Sustavi: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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