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PicaLoader is an application that was designed to help you find, download and organize pictures you find on the web.
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PicaLoader is an application that was designed to help you find, download and organize pictures you find on the web.

Very popular with digital artists, designers, photographers, webmasters, journalists and other people who need to quickly and efficiently get pictures form the web in large volumes, PicaLoader supports multithreaded downloads of up to 50 threads, resumes broken downloads and is also HTTP-proxy supported to make downloading pictures on the web a breeze for users.

Here are some key features of "PicaLoader":

Connect to Internet:

  • Multithread download, 50 max threads.
  • Resume broken downloads.
  • HTTP proxy servers are supported (Include most NTLM proxies).
Download Pictures:
  • Advanced HTML Parser which can follow almost every link, include JavaScript, VBScript, and JScript links, and is secure against viruses and malicious scripts.
  • You can customize HTML Parser with built-in script language.
  • Advanced picture filters. PicaLoader includes several picture filter profiles, for example, High resolution photo, Gif Animation, 800X600 Wallpaper, 1024X768 Wallpaper, etc. You can even define your own picture filter profile to filter pictures by Size, Definition, Type, etc. PicaLoader filters pictures by analyzing the picture file's header recorder, so there is no need to download entire pictures which do not meet your criteria to local machine.
  • You can use Perl-5 compatible regular expression in URL filter.
  • You can pause the download at any moment, and you can modify the picture filter before you resume the download, when download paused, you can use queue browser to browse and manage the URLs in the queue.
  • You can save every picture's name, size, creation time, download time, referrer URL, and notes made by you.
  • Support manual login to sessionwise login site.
Manage Downloaded Pictures:
  • Pagination, Thumbnail Browser, quick-load thumbnails, easy navigation between pages. Manage millions of pictures quickly and easily.
  • When you downloading pictures, the new pictures are added to the browser immediately.
  • You can sort pictures by name, size, width, height, time, notes, referrer URL, width*height, etc.
  • You can search pictures by name, size, width, height, time, notes, referrer URL, etc, and display the search result in another thumbnail browser.
  • You can check pictures on different pages and copy, move, or delete these checked pictures.
  • You can set any picture as Windows wallpaper.
  • You can set a password for your project, and others then cannot open your project without your password.
  • Up to 700,000 pictures per Project.
View pictures:
  • Preview pane, to view current selected picture.
  • Full screen viewer, shrink images to fit the screen or view them full-size. View and scroll through full-size images quickly.

Ocjena aplikacije: 9 / 10 poena ( Ukupno: 12 ocjena )

Podržani jezici: Engleski, Hrvatski, Njemački
Podržani Operativni Sustavi: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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